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Glasses fogging up Skin breaking out? We've got some tips that could help you

Wearing facemasks can be annoying and uncomfortable. Covid-19 has pushed us all out of our comfort zones, but we do need to remember why we are wearing a mask in the first place, and that's to protect yourself and others.  So at RotoMedical HQ, we've put together some hints and tips to make the wearing of your mask a little bit more enjoyable! My face mask makes my glasses fog up Guess what? You are not alone! This is the most common 'bug' for all our glasses wearers. How do we prevent this? Make your Mask Fit: When your mask is to lose, the warm air from your breathing will naturally escape & rise to fog your glasses. Buy a...

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Choosing the Right Mask for Protection against Covid-19

It is compulsory to wear Face Masks within Public areas to protect you from Coronavirus, so choosing the right one is important.In order to protect yourself and others, you need to understand the different types of masks there are. All masks should fit against the face and cover both the nose and mouth in order to be most effective. Material Masks The Fabric or cloth masks fits against the face by using ear loops around the head. The multiple layers of the fabric build up a barrier between your nose and your mouth. This contains any respiratory droplets that you may breathe out. The thicker the layers of the mask, the greater the barrier of protection is. The Reusable R-Mask...

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