An Introduction to PPE

RotoMedical manufactures the highest quality of certified PPE equipment; worn by the front line and the general public due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. At the moment, PPE is a popular topic of shortages and homemade alternatives but here isn't much information on what PPE actually is. So we've come up with a brief introduction to PPE. 

What is PPE?

PPE is an acronym that is used to describe Personal Protective Equipment, it covers a variety of different protective items for different uses. Within the current climate of the Coronavirus outbreak, the term PPE has been used a lot due to being used globally helping health professionals protect themselves against any risk at work. The equipment is a barrier between an individual's skin, mouth, nose, or eyes which also includes bacterial infections. 

 The most common PPE we would be aware of our masks, gloves, eye protection, aprons, particular clothing, footwear, and also respiratory protective equipment (RPE). 

Why do we need PPE now?

PPE is a defence to reduce the risk of transmission of Coronavirus. For from line workers it has become essential to have to correct equipment to be able to continue their work, such as NHS and care workers who come into contact with large amounts of people with the virus daily. 

With the changes in social distancing rules, now it has been introduced to other industries to wear such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare. 

 The Coronavirus can be spread through close contact and droplets, no airborne. Wearing masks, aprons and gloves is a second skin for the person wearing the PPE for defence in coming into contact with anyone who has it. 

Private Davies collecting tests at a mobile testing centre.

Private Davies collecting tests at a mobile testing centre.

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