Choosing the Right Mask for Protection against Covid-19

It is compulsory to wear Face Masks within Public areas to protect you from Coronavirus, so choosing the right one is important.In order to protect yourself and others, you need to understand the different types of masks there are. All masks should fit against the face and cover both the nose and mouth in order to be most effective.

Material Masks

The Fabric or cloth masks fits against the face by using ear loops around the head. The multiple layers of the fabric build up a barrier between your nose and your mouth. This contains any respiratory droplets that you may breathe out. The thicker the layers of the mask, the greater the barrier of protection is.
The Reusable R-Mask is a 3 layered mask which provides 99.5% protection.

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Surgical Masks

Surgical Masks are usual worn by medical professionals, these are disposable after each time it is worn. There is both an inner layer and an outer layer, both made of high-quality cotton. The middle layer is made up from a Medical fabric which is the filtration barrier protecting the face.

Surgical masks are designed to protect the face against large respiratory droplets. They are effective for helping protect others around you if you are the carrier of the virus.

The Disposable R-Mask is a triple-layered face covering for the public. Our face coverings are BSI certified and meet the AFNOR S76-001 requirements.

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       Professional Masks

N95 respirator masks are medical masks are designed to be a tight seal between the air outside and the face. They are designed for healthcare workers to protect them from any droplets within the air.

These masks are highly effective for professionals such as healthcare workers, doctors and nurses. N95 masks go under a detailed test of the mask's fit to ensure that it creates a secure seal.

Face Shield

Face shields or face visors are made out of clear plastic formed around your face by a headband, this covers your whole face to below your chin. Because Covid-19, face visors were generally used by healthcare workers for procedures that were prone to body fluid splatters.

Face Shields now are worn by health professionals and the beauty industry. The Face Shields provides an extra layer of protection when wearing a face mask underneath. The Faceshield and Face mask does not give the same protection, as a shield doesn't provide a barrier to respiratory droplets.
We have two different types of Faceshields.

Our RotoMedical face shield which is CE marked and used by the NHS can be purchased here.

Our design-led Fashields, which are face shields with unique patterns that are worn by people which in the beauty industry can be purchased here.



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