Glasses fogging up Skin breaking out? We've got some tips that could help you

Wearing facemasks can be annoying and uncomfortable. Covid-19 has pushed us all out of our comfort zones, but we do need to remember why we are wearing a mask in the first place, and that's to protect yourself and others. 

So at RotoMedical HQ, we've put together some hints and tips to make the wearing of your mask a little bit more enjoyable!

My face mask makes my glasses fog up

Guess what? You are not alone! This is the most common 'bug' for all our glasses wearers. How do we prevent this?

Make your Mask Fit: When your mask is to lose, the warm air from your breathing will naturally escape & rise to fog your glasses. Buy a mask that can fit your face as much as possible like our Reusable R-mask. The flexible nose bridge allows you to mould the mask to the perfect fit to limit the escaping air! 

Soap & Water: Ever wash your goggles in soap and water? Well doing this to your glasses and allowing them to air dry can create a layer or film on your lens that may limit condensation on them. 

Anti-Fog Sprays: Finding the right spray for your glasses. Anti-fog sprays can be found in your local pharmacy. This could be the perfect solution if tips 1 & 2 don't quite do the trick!.

My skin is breaking out

You and us both! Wearing your mask day in and day out can affect the skin that the mask is covering. 

Moisturise: Keeping your skin hydrated, especially in areas of irritation, is critical. Moisturising daily can help reduce the adverse effects on your skin. 

Wash your Face: Get into a habit of washing your face before & after wearing your masks for long periods of times. 


I have trouble breathing in my mask

Feel like you always catching your breath in your mask? 

Remain calm: All of our Face masks are created to allow you to breathe, exhale freely & filter bacteria you live in. Try to remain calm and breathe normally, and the mask let you!

Got a mask and its not right for you? Take a look at our full range of masks here!


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