The demand for PPE

The demand for PPE was a surprise for everyone due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Now the demand is a hectic race on producing the needed protective equipment for the NHS and key workers. 

At the beginning of the Pandemic, Rotomedical began producing face shields for the NHS which was on the list of the most demanded items. 

Face Masks

The face masks are the most prominently known item of PPE. Being heavily in demand. Manufacturers around the globe are at full capacity to meet the demand for face protection. RotoMedical were able to produce the R-Mask in light of the growing demand to be one of the main suppliers for the UK. 

Face Shields 

Face Shields/ Visors protect the whole face to its entirely, creating a perspex shield in front of the face between the person wearing it and where the contact with someone else is made. The shields are mostly used within the NHS due to it being able to be sanitised and used again. 


Goggles have been converted into the equipment of PPE due to us knowing little about the Covid-19 virus. The goggles are an extra precaution so that the user is protected. 

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