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Proud Partnerships - RotoMedical x Bollé Safety

Our continuous improvement mindset has given us an advantage in many ways, but one thing we are super proud of is our partnership with Bollé Safety. It has been a great pleasure working with them whilst learning about the exceptional attention to detail they have as well as their high standards in their approach design and quality. Our processes and cell designs are continuously improving to ensure we only produce the highest quality products for their CURA range of safety goggles and face shields.

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NHS Approved Face Shields

 Face Shield #nursesday Hospitals  Our NHS approved Face shield is ideally suited for the Hospital environment, comfortable to wear and with a name section on the mask to insert the user's name for easy identification.   "I wore one for around 5 hours while operating – comfortable, perfect visibility & slot for name ID"   Dr Katherine Baker Colorectal Surgery SpR   GP Surgery  Our NHS approved Face shield is ideal for the GP environment, light, compact, rugged and comfortable to wear.   "You can tell the quality is so much better. My staff said they all felt so much safer having them" Dr Niki Hempton     Care Homes The Rototherm Faceshield provides vulnerable residents basic protection when...

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RotoMedical contribution to the PPE Supplied to Frontline Workers

Very proud to have contributed to the PPE supplied to frontline staff working in health and social care around the UK. Well done to all involved and most importantly to all the Key Workers who have dedicated their time throughout the last 19 months in helping to keep the nation safe.Health Minister Eluned Morgan has confirmed more than a billion items of free personal protective equipment (PPE) have been issued to the NHS and social care sector across Wales since the start of the pandemic.Since March 2020, the Welsh Government has been working with NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP) to provide free PPE to everyone working in health and social care. Free PPE will continue to be supplied to primary...

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Rototherm Group's CO2 Meter for Better Air Quality

Proud to be shipping our CO2 Meters all around Wales to help stop the spread and monitor the air quality in an environment. Studies suggest that like other viruses, #Covid19 is mainly transmitted through airborne particles. This means that enclosed spaces like school classrooms, offices, shops and even homes are likely to be a breeding ground for infection.Rototherm Group's CO2 monitor, the AM-60, is ideal for monitoring the air quality in any space, as fresh, clean air in rooms is not only essential for concentration but exposure to air pollution can lead to adverse health effects. Our reliable AM60 CO2 Meter creates awareness at all times and helps in taking the right action to aid overall health and better air quality.While measuring CO2...

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Rototherm Acquires Micronics Flow Measurement.

A Leading Manufacturer of Flow meters to the Energy Management and Retrofit building services market.Rototherm Group is proud to announce it has completed the purchase of Micronics Flow Measurement, a market leader in ultrasonic clamp on flow meters utilised for energy management solutions for the Building Services market. The precision instruments are designed and manufactured in the UK and sold around the World to help improve and maintain energy efficiency and monitor water use. The extensive range of products includes: Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flow Meters, Portable & Fixed Liquid Flow Measurement Meters, Energy Meters for heating and cooling applications. In addition, for Process or Water industry applications, Micronics can provide Clamp-On, full pipe or “Doppler” open channel flow meters for contaminated...

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