Rototherm Group's CO2 Meter for Better Air Quality

Proud to be shipping our CO2 Meters all around Wales to help stop the spread and monitor the air quality in an environment. 

Studies suggest that like other viruses, 
#Covid19 is mainly transmitted through airborne particles. This means that enclosed spaces like school classrooms, offices, shops and even homes are likely to be a breeding ground for infection.

Rototherm Group's CO2 monitor, the AM-60, is ideal for monitoring the air quality in any space, as fresh, clean air in rooms is not only essential for concentration but exposure to air pollution can lead to adverse health effects. Our reliable AM60 CO2 Meter creates awareness at all times and helps in taking the right action to aid overall health and better air quality.

While measuring CO2 levels is important, our monitor also shows the temperature, humidity and has a built-in data logger along with audible and visual alarms to alert the user. 

For more information on our CO2 Meters head over to our website.

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