Disposable R-Mask (Pack of 50)
Disposable R-Mask (Pack of 50)
Disposable R-Mask (Pack of 50)
Disposable R-Mask (Pack of 50)


Disposable R-Mask (Pack of 50)

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  • 3 PLY Layered 
  • BSI Certified 

The RotoMedical Triple Layered Face Covering is a general-purpose face-covering designed for use by the general public.

It minimizes the projection of the user’s respiratory droplets, saliva, sputum or respiratory secretions when talking, coughing or sneezing. It also limits penetration in the user’s area of nose and mouth of the respiratory droplets from the external origin. In addition, it also prevents the user’s area from any contact with hands.


RotoMedicals FACE COVERING is ideal for complying with government guidelines to wear face coverings in public areas or on public transport.

RotoMedicals FACE COVERING meets all requirements of AFNOR S76-001 that include design, performance, test methods, packaging, marking and information for use.


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